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From South Wales, Australia: Louise Hughes

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JJ Rocks Article # 155: From South Wales, Australia: Louise Hughes

Ive always enjoyed an artist that has a true dedication to tradition. And when it comes to the blues Louise Hughes from New South Wales, Australia definitely has her hands not only wrapped around the neck of a Les Paul that cries out with true emotion, but also around the handle of a torch that she carries for the music she loves. And with a voice that that has all the essentials of a blues nightingale, she delivers a powerful package that would clear away the smoke in any dim lit honky tonk and turn it into an arena full of screaming fans.

The riffs that Louise pumps out are full of color and taste that would make any on looking guitarist want to practice when they got home from the show. And with a silky and not overbearing tone she captures just the right mood for a bluesy atmosphere. Theres no doubt why she is considered one of the best female blues guitarist in Australia. But I do wonder why she isnt already famous. I guess its just a matter of time.

So lets all welcome Louise Hughes to our family of independent musicians worldwide by visiting her at the link below. Louise cant carry on her blues tradition by just playing and singing it, it must also be heard by those who are in search of examples of real musical independence.

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Here is a link to her music: