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Musically Speaking: Independent bands getting noticed

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JJ Rocks Article # 159: Independent bands getting noticed!

I was recently told by a close friend and top record company executive that the record industry was loosing 20% of their income each year. This is due to several factors, but one of the main reasons is the free downloading of music on line. You also may have noticed that there are not as many new acts coming out on major labels lately. Its seems as if the top labels are being very careful about who they sign and how much money they invest. Now this may seem like the perfect time to be an independent artist, and you may be right. But being independent without the backing of very experienced people also takes its toll.

When we first started The Spotlight Zone and began researching independent bands, Dorothy and I couldnt believe how many artist were out there trying to sell their own music. This made me realize just how hard it must be to shop your own songs within such a huge mass of bands all trying to grab attention towards themselves. Even if you are great and have something to offer the listeners, your music has to be noticed through millions of other flag waving up and coming artist that are trying to get noticed. So it seems to boil down to how good your are at marketing your product and not only how talented you are. Now this brings me back to the very experienced people.

Record companies didnt become successful just because they discovered great artist and put them on store shelves. From the moment they went into the studio, bands and other performers had someone overseeing the production of their music. And this producer usually had a good track record. Now as I can hear through my research, many independent bands have really mastered the production stage of their music and dont need help from an outsider. But once it leaves the studio the job of getting noticed begins. And thats where most bands make the mistake of confusing good computer skills with marketing expertise.

One suggestion is to read up on as many record company marketing executives as possible and try to learn from their actions. But on the other hand, Im not sure just how many of them are giving up their trade secrets. Another way (but not as easy) is to try to connect with a former major label marketing executive and try to employ his help. It seems like when ever bands think of record companies they are only thinking of getting signed. And the bands who are very strict on their independence dont want anything to do with major labels (well, at least thats what they say). But connecting with someone who has experience from being a former record company marketing executive might just be the ticket that helps your band remain independent and still rise above all the rest.

All I can tell you is to do your own research and maybe you will make the right connection to a marketing expert. Mine are not for sale and are only used to try to help artist on The Spotlight Zone that who are in our opinion and the opinions of our staff to be the very best on the site. Oh by the way, what is going to stop free downloads of your music once you sell your first CD?

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