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From Tampa, Florida, USA: Rebecca Lindsey

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JJ Rocks Article # 160: From Tampa, Florida, USA: Rebecca Lindsey

Greatness sometimes brings out too many words from the writer trying to describe it. So when it comes to describing Rebecca Lindsey and her incredible musical abilities, this writer will try to get right to the point by passing over bios and individual song reviews. Im sure that those have already been covered by other writers and my only concern is to give you my overall impression of this multi talented and beautiful woman from Tampa, Florida.

Rebecca Lindsey walks a straight line when it comes to modern country music that carries traditional textures and lyrical family values. She does not stray from having a strong stand in her genre by reaching into the vague pop world magnetism that so often pulls on country singers. But even while holding her ground in country music, her songs are as catchy as any pop chart hit that I have ever heard. And she does it all with an extremely polish voice and a style of songwriting that grabs you from the first line with hooks that reel you all the way in.

Im particularly attracted to Rebeccas ability to sing a phrase without having to lean on an overbearing vibrato too often used by singers that just cant hold a steady note. To say the least, when she holds out a tone she nails it to the wall so hard that it gives this writer musical goose bumps that only come when he hears perfection. So to sum up my review I would like to say when it comes to the highest level of country singing, compositions that rival anything on the market, great instrumentation and highly polished recordings, Rebecca Lindsey has the whole package. She belongs at the top.

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