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From Norway: Mad and Hungry

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JJ Rocks Article # 176:
From St. Croix Music Magazine, Issue # 35, August, 2009
Norway is another place where many people would not expect to hear the great American genre called Blues. But the tradition carries on with Hungry John and his Mad and Hungry band.

As I listened to their CD called Mad and Hungry Travelin I could hear several influences that contributed to their Blues/rock sound. But the key element here is their quality and professional approach to great singing, smooth harmonica, and gutsy guitar playing. I always had a fondness for Blues that really rocks and has power, and this band definitely does it for me.

With John Magnar Bernes/ Hungry John on lead vocals and harmonic, Mads Eriksen on guitars, Frank Hovland on bass and background vocals, and Zsolt Mezcrus on drums, Mad and Hungry are out to take a bite out of the Blues.

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