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From Pendleton, Oregon, USA: Taylor Krom

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JJ Rocks article # 277: From Pendleton, Oregon, USA: Taylor Krom

In my opinion Taylor Krom has brought a long overdue breath of fresh air to hip hop music. With melodic hooks mixed perfectly with the spoken word he is giving a new facelift to a genre that was starting to sound all the same to many people. And he does it in a way that is very artistic, catchy, and memorable. With his high quality of vocals, songwriting, and arrangements, I think Taylor has found his road to success. All everyone has to do now is listen.

When I first heard his song Times up I knew that Taylor was making his own brand of hip hop music, unlike many other artist in this style that just feed off of each others accomplishments. He is a great example of that once in a while musician/songwriter that shines a new light on his chosen musical path. And as I listened to some of his other songs I could tell that this young man from Pendleton, Oregon, USA had already carved out his musical destiny with such definition that his tunes seemed like they were hits already, but I just never heard them. So now I realize its just a matter of time before he is recognized by promoters and executives in his musical genre along with many listeners worldwide. I really think that Taylor Krom will one day be a household name in hip hop music. All he has to do is keep doing what hes doing!

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