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From Argentina: Gabriela

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JJ Rocks Article # 193: From Argentina: Gabriela

Every once in a while Im fortunate enough to discover an artist that sounds totally dedicated to displaying perfection in musical execution and exploration. And when you add the ability to tap into emotions that some of us never knew we had, you wind up with a golden recipe that has Gabriela written all over it.

I dont speak Spanish so Im not sure of the Lyrics in her songs. But melodically Gabriela took me to a place in my heart that I thought was only accessible by my favorite female artist, Joni Mitchell. Her music displays a character that is a blend of artistic adventurism and heartfelt emotions that paint a picture where sonic landscapes and intelligent composition are joined at the hip. And when you combine that with superb instrumental and vocal chops, you get a package that is worth opening when you want to hear something that other artist just cant deliver.

When I first heard this intoxicating singer from Buenos Aries, Argentina, it was right after having a busy morning around the house. I needed something to take me away from it all, so I tried listening to a few mellow artists. But something was still missing from the antidote. So then I put on some hot jazz hoping to find a cure through my intellectual port. That wasnt the answer. Then I heard Gabriela and she was just what the musical doctor ordered. I was immediately taken away to a place where emotional and intellectual properties created melodic, harmonic, and lyrical balance. I only had to close my eyes and open my ears. Gabriela did all the rest.

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