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From California, USA: Prohibition Rose

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JJ Rocks Article # 194: From California, USA: Prohibition Rose

This is straight ahead kick ass Rock that slams you against the wall and leaves you wanting more. And as you spin in a dizzy bliss, recollections of past musical giants dance in your head. But these impressions of classic bands are only a launching pad for new musical ideas that transport Prohibition Rose to a higher level of traditional sounding Rock music.

I was immediately captured by the simplicity, yet great pitch and tone of the lead singer. She sews her melodies through a tapestry of powerful grooves and precise instrumentation that spells the words wood shedding with capitol letters. And the tones of the guitars, bass and drums (love that snare) have very natural sounds that seem to only occasionally use effects for the icing on their musical cakes.

Each song that I heard on their debut EP To the Wolves has its own flavor and textures while still retaining all the colors of the Rock n Roll rainbow. Im always hungry for great grooves and fresh compositional approaches, and Prohibition Rose definitely fills my plate. And with ingredients like Emily Belgard on vocals, Tanner Bean on guitar, Andy Bonura on drums, Mia Heldt on bass, and Erich Lennig on guitar, Prohibition Rose has a sonic recipe thats so intoxicating, it will have you redefining the word addiction.

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