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From Sweden: Tones of Home

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JJ Rocks Article # 195:
From St. Croix Music Magazine, Issue # 39, December, 2009
This months dose of pop magic comes from a band that hails from Sweden called Tones of Home. These guys deliver a very smooth sound that carries a lot of ambience in a tranquil, but also powerful package. Their tunes are well paced with no abrupt or unpleasant surprises, yet still maintain an aura of suspense in composition. They seem to walk a fine line that separates the familiar and the unheard which creates a nice balance between their influences and their creativity. And with great vocals, solid instrumentation, and cool hooks, Tones of Home just might have your ears glued to your new Christmas speakers.

We would like to welcome Johan Brewitz on vocals and guitar, Oscar Roslund on guitar, David Liderfelt on bass, Peter Lilja on keyboards, and Erik Sellgren on drums to our family of independent musicians. These great players and singers that make up Tones of Home will always have a place in our Christmas 2009 issue.

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