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Musically Speaking: Cameras at Christmas

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JJ Rocks Article # 196:
From St. Croix Music Magazine, Issue # 39, December, 2009
One of our greatest fears in life is that time is constantly slipping away from us. Thats probably the main reason that people take pictures, especially at Christmas parties. They know that their memory wont capture the exact moment in all its glory and perfection so they start clicking the shutter. Thank God for technology. And lets not forget our newest and best friend, the video camera. Now you can just turn it on and capture large amounts of time, and then go home and freeze the moment you want and use it as a holiday screen saver. But are these modern tech toys starting to replace our God given Gift of gab?

I have been to parties where the people were doing three basic things. The first was saying hi to everybody one at a time as they entered the party. Then they would find someone they know and sit with them and have deep conversations. Then after a few drinks everyone started to take pictures and shoot videos. Before I knew it they were back to isolated chats as if they were in their own little rooms. At first thought, this may sound like an average fun party. So whats missing?

I cant be the only person at this friendly gathering that remembers when parties were not only a great time, but absolutely exhausting. People didnt just say quick hellos and then lock themselves in their own little worlds of two or more storytellers. They were slowly but constantly moving around the room and actually having real conversations with their friends. There never seemed to be a rush. It was as if time didnt exist. And for some reason you felt like you might be neglecting someone, you would always make sure you didnt pass them by without a little reminiscing.

Now some of you might be thinking What if I dont know many people at the party. I really hope that no one thinks that way because its only common sense that meeting new faces and personalities is just as important as collecting hugs from your buddies and relatives. So on that note, since I dont think that most of us are not evolving backwards in time, Ill blame it on technology which is one of the main causes of Christmas party segregation. It all revolves around that one thought that goes thought the minds of holiday wallflowers and party people snatchers. And of course that is Ill just check out everybody else later on the video.

As weird as it sounds, maybe someone should try to have a Christmas party with a sign outside that reads No Cameras! That way everyone would have to take in all that they could by just using their memory and hearts. Conversations would be remembered much longer. The incredible food on the table would have to stay imprinted in your mind and on your tongue. You will just have to remember all the smiles, bad jokes, and laughter of not only your loved ones, but the people that you just met for the first time. I am not against technology. As a matter of fact I believe that it helps bring the world together. Its just that if Christmas parties keep going this way, then we might as well have them in a nightclub with a loud band.

But I do have faith in human traditions and what is really important when it comes to getting together during this wonderful time of year. There is no way that pressing a button on a machine will ever replace the warmth of a hug, and the sincerity of a handshake. And when you add in great conversation, meeting new friends, immense food contributions, people laughing so hard that beer squirts out of their nose, youll have memories that will last forever. Just dont forget your camera!!!!!!!!
Merry Christmas!

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