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From Colorado, USA: Vices I Admire

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JJ Rocks Article # 198: From Colorado, USA: Vices I Admire

I love going to the post office and getting a CD in the mail to review. Most of the times I only (if the music is great), choose a few songs to write about because some of the CD’s have many tracks. I mainly want to focus on a bands overall sound. And the CD “The Politics of Apathy” from the band “Vices I Admire” definitely has some very tasty cuts of prime rock n’ roll and pristine pop. With Dave Curtis on vocals and guitar, Mickey Dollar on guitar and backing vocals, Mark Towne on Drums and percussion, and Daniel Battenhouse on bass and backing vocals, this band from Denver Colorado is as solid as a rock.

The song “Keep Killin’ Me” jumps right out of my speakers as the first track and grabs me by the seat of my pants with a straight ahead groove split into two different areas of intensity. This is very down to earth rock music with great character and dynamics.

Next up is “Heartbreaker” and I love this groove! This is an uncomplicated piece that carries you along a road without too many twists and turns and just lays it down tight and nasty! It’s a great car song!

“Sweetest Girl” is track three and it has a more ingredients in the arrangement than the other songs that I heard so far. To me this makes a piece of music more interesting. Also there are nice hooks not only in the musical department, but also lyrical. I would say this one is a bit more commercial and would find a nice home with pop lovers.

Track four “It Is” is the most artistic cut in the collection. It displays multi dimensional tonal properties with heartfelt emotions while breaking its own new musical ground. This song is one of my favorites!

“Kiss Kiss” is another great cut and I think that this song should be on the radio! It kicks hard and has a recipe that combines pure energy with superb composition and musicianship. It also has just the right amount of crossover quality for rock and pop followers.

There are a few more surprises on the CD that I’ll leave for your own discovery. But overall this musical package from “Vices I Admire” has a great mix of precise musicianship, very emotion and polished vocals, well written lyrics, and sonic colors from many places in the musical rainbow. Great work guys!

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