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From London: Angels Illuminati

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JJ Rocks Article # 199:
From St. Croix Music Magazine, Issue # 40, January, 2010
Its a nice thing when I can get a band connected to major record company executives. Now this is something that I rarely do. Thats because these elite people at the top of the music industry dont want a scout like me sending them a promo pack every time I feel someone is great. There is a lot of talent out there, but if you are not also very unique then there is little chance that I can do any more than brag about you in this magazine.

This band from London has not only carved out their name in the field of rock music, they also created a music video about Frank Dileo. He is one of the most respected music executives in the world. You can read about Frank by just typing his name into our search bar and you can see him on our homepage with Joe Mansfield, Frank Rand, and the guy writing this article. But lets focus on the band that made the video, Angels Illuminati.

Even though their sound seems to have a little flavor of the late eighties, they present it in a way that has a slightly different taste and musical aroma. Its like they contoured a very classic approach to rock to make it fit the 21st century. Their image brings to mind metallic glamour combined with adventurous overtones that reach for the future, but wont let go of the past. Its displayed in their obvious attachment and respect for all the musical shoulders they ever stood on, and in their courage to go where no band has gone before. And man, they look cool!

So lets all welcome Angels Illuminati to our international family of independent musicians worldwide. This very tight and polished band has definitely found their direction and purpose in the world of music. And by the way, we did pass their video along to Frank Dileo and Joe Mansfield. They loved it!
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