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From Jamaica: L & S Symfhoney

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JJ Rocks Article # 201: From Jamaica: L & S Symfhoney

Reggae has taken many twists and turns in the last decade. So its always nice to hear someone who is dedicated to holding down the Reggae fort and defending its authenticity to the bitter end. And L & S Symfhoney from Jamaica hold their harmonious flag high where all imitating intruders only hope to enter.

Lydia and Shema are the duel heartbeats of beauty and harmony that deliver their sonic packages with total professionalism and pristine clarity. They are like two peas in a musical pod whose roots go deep into the soul and heritage of their chosen genre. Their melodic phrases and intertwining voices pamper my musical tastes buds with all the sweetness of the real deal when it comes to Reggae music. And when you add their very down to earth lyrics combined with grooves and emotions that display an almost divine intervention, there is only one outcome. L & S Symfhoney are two angels from Reggae heaven.
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Check them out on this cool reggae video: