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Musically Speaking: Money and Respect

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JJ Rocks Article # 203: Money and Respect
We have all grown up with hearing things like he was a well respected man in our community. That statement is usually connected to someone wealthy who is only remembered for a monetary contribution to society. Its rarely associated with school teachers who give the education needed to reach goals, firemen that save thousands of lives, law enforcement agencies trying to keep us safe from social predators, or even the musically/artistically inclined who dedicate their lives to creating a place where creativity and imagination overcome the harshness of reality.

These are the people that are remembered for their selfless contributions to fellow inhabitants of this little blue ball we call earth. They represent the definition of a respect that it is not intended for those who buy themselves into your hearts, or by helping the needy only after they have secured their own little dynasty. They represent the true meaning of concern and a helping heart without expecting anything in return except a sincere thank you.

Now on the other hand, material goals are found most often in an individual that can not express their love or even themselves, without spending or making money. And from their first sip of coffee in the morning to having trouble sleeping at night, money people seem to be constantly worrying and complaining. To say the least, they are not the happiest, nor the most loved people that I know. They only see life in a black and white scenario that contains the love of money, or the disgrace of poverty. There is nothing in between.

Now as anyone who is not under the strong arm of capitalism knows, there are many schools of thought when it comes to living your life. But greed always pops up its ugly little head when self centered people see their neighbors drive up in a new car. Thats when its more important to one up the guy next door than it is to help out a family member in need. In a way, I can understand because material things do fill the holes left by the absence of creativity or any other God given abilities. But these holes always find their way back to being empty without having respect from the people in your life.

I would rather die a respected man than a wealthy one. Money doesnt last. It never has. But with enough respect a person can gain a sort of immortality within their community. It will keep them alive in the hearts of the people that were given love and respect and asked for nothing in return. These memories, along with someones creative contributions to society are what being respected is all about. Not how many people you employed or how much money you had when you were alive. And even if you left a huge bank account to your children, the money will be spent and possibly, your memory along with it. Love is the foundation of true Karmas perpetual properties that only come from the heart, not the pocket.

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