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From Wisconsin, USA: Miasma

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JJ Rocks Article # 205:
From St. Croix Music Magazine, Issue # 41, February, 2010
Almost every day when I wake up to hear new musical artist, I hope for something original. Sometimes Im finding bands that do a great job of melting down their influences in an attempt to make new musical recipes. But they dont seem to be breaking any new ground. Today I discovered a band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin called Miasma. They display true adventurism within musical perfection uncluttered by impersonations or overbearing instrumental virtuosity. We all have all of our influences, but only a few dare to commit to the sorting out and cooking time needed to become truly original.

With extremely refined vocals, and over the top creativeness, this incredible band had me pulling myself away from my sound system just so I could write this article. As I listened to Miasma, I heard different blends of musical colors and feels that took me to a place where intellect meets raw guts and the mystical dances with the melodic. And even though all the songs are great, my favorite is called Perfect Day. But that may change tomorrow when I listen to them again. I just have to get a copy of their CD!

So please welcome Kayci Wertz on Guitar and vocals, Candace Gaidosh on violin, piano, and vocals, Troy Beirne on bass and vocals, and Tim Wertz on drums to our growing family of independent musicians. And of course you can do that by visiting them at their link below. If you want music that is fresh, highly polished, and full of taste, you must listen to Miasma.
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