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From Boston, USA: Rick Pisano

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JJ Rocks Article # 207:
From St. Croix Music Magazine, Issue # 41, February, 2010
Down to earth gusty vocals combined with very classic grooves and licks make a great foundation for the Blues. And Rick Pisano definitely has his feet planted in the right direction. He is expressing himself in a true American art form and carrying on a tradition that is meant to be passed down to future generations. And he performs it with the emotion and rawness that is needed to keep the Blues alive.

On Ricks CD Dawn of Man, he exhibits versatility but still stays within the boundaries of the Blues. But I must say that my favorite tunes were the more traditional shuffles and slower Blues pieces. I think that he shines the brightest when he is closest to the influences of his chosen genre. Maybe thats because my roots are in blues and country. So when I feel it from someone, then its time to write about it.

So Rick, we welcome you to our family of independent musicians. And if you ever come to St. Croix, we have our own little Blues Society jams every Sunday right next to a beautiful Caribbean beach. Im sure that you would be very welcome to sit in and show people in St. Croix what you are made of. I know that they will love it!

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