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From Greenville, SC, USA: Gisele Anthony

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JJ Rocks article # 278: From Greenville, SC, USA: Gisele Anthony

Sweet soulful harmonies surrounding a voice that is as heavenly as it is precise and heartfelt. Thats only the first thought that comes to mind when listening to Gisele Anthony from Greenville, SC, USA. Gisele rings the bell of musical and compositional excellence as she journeys through her multi genre universe that includes Neo-soul, Nu-jazz, Indie, Funk, and Christian music. And her varied melodies, lyrics, grooves, level of musicianship, and harmonic variations within each song pulled me in like gravity. So to say that I was impressed would be a total understatement.

I was first captivated by Giseles very polished, accurate, and soulful vocals as they ventured into a high level of musical professionalism that would make even the finest singers turn their heads. Then I could hear simple themes cooked in complex sonic textures and arrangements that were all performed by great players that would tempt any veteran musician to click the replay button over and over. The songwriting skills that are presented here are self explanatory because not only do the melodies speak for themselves, but the lyrics and the stories they tell are very much from her inner self. So all you have to do is listen to make the connection. Then who knows, after you get a taste of this great example of talent and achievements, maybe you will want to write the next article about a musical artist named Gisele Anthony.

I know if you just stop by her profile and listen you to will also be captivated. You only have to know the meaning of the word excellent to want to show some love to a lady that deserves to be in The Spotlight. Here is the link to her profile.

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