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From Hungary: Jonas Tamas

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JJ Rocks Article # 208: From Hungary: Jonas Tamas

Six string slingers rejoice! We discovered a guy from Budapest, Hungary that will have your fingers wrapped around your favorite guitar neck and your ears glued to the speakers. His name is Jonas Tamas and his chops are as good as it gets.

The first thing that grabbed me is his ability to be quite technical, but still make it feel great. This is hard to find in a world that is over crowded with guitarist who are trying to set a new world records for speed riffing. But this is not the story with Jonas Tamas. He can really impress you with his chops, and still hit you with a groove that kills while being a perfect bed for his guitar virtuosity.

Rather than get into the details that you can hear for yourselves, let me just say that technically, Jonas has it all. You will hear your favorite techniques like fluid tapping, screaming bends, and top notch picking. But don’t let that distract you from his fine choice of original phrasing and tasteful use of scale and arpeggios.

So put down your guitar for a moment and click on his site below where you can hear this great guitar player kick some real booty.

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Here is a link to his music: