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Musically Speaking: Where have all the melodies gone?

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JJ Rocks Article # 209: Where have all the melodies gone?
I often ask myself why I keep listening to music that is at least 30 years old. Maybe its because I feel that it was the age of extensive creativity, and not the over packaging of musical ideas. Todays lack of adventurous arrangements and creative melodies are a product of star filled eyes and musical acrobatics. Many bands just want to make money and that is cool in my book. But I often wonder what happened to the ones that connected with the people, but were still viewed as musical explorers. I dont have to mention their names, because they will live on way after most of the members of todays bands retire from their eventual day jobs.

It seems like every time I hear a new tune, the singer is more concerned with vocal riffs than the actual melody. But I guess that is also the fault of modern day composers who dont know the old saying putting the cart before the horse. They actually consider these overdone vocal adventures to be part of their melodies. But in reality its a product of poor writing skills being covered up with flashy twist and turns that fool hungry listeners. This used to be known as over singing in a performance, but now it has sadly become a part of the airwaves.

When I ask some music students to sing a few lines from their favorite tune, many of them lean towards singing the soulful riffs and pay less attention to the melody. Personally dont care if someone has a five octave range or can sing super riffs. I just want to hear the melody treated with respect, great tone, and originality. And if it seems like I only chose singers to pick on in this article, its because there is not enough room on this page for other melodic underachievers who are more concerned with playing super fast and technical than emotional and melodic. We know who they are.

 Music is not a sport with winners and losers. It is an art form that thrives on creativity and human character. And it seems that there's not many of us left that still think that way these days. I hope I'm wrong.

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