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From California, USA: Evrim Tuzun

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JJ Rocks Article # 211:
From St. Croix Music Magazine, Issue # 42, March,2010
Visions of multi leveled dance clubs with a cologne filled atmosphere, and sexy dancers come into mind when I hear the music of Evrim Tuzan. Hailing from Los Angeles, Evrim has his finger on the pulse of modern day dancehall music. And with his song Hemen Hemen being the most remixed song in the world, he is riding a wave that is headed for success.

There is a huge market for Evrims genre of music where ever people want to party and dance the night away. So after hearing his tunes its no wonder why he is becoming so popular. For an independent artist, he has more song plays (millions) on his myspace page than any other self made artist that we know of. Maybe the reason is not only the sonic end of his creations, but also the amount of style that radiates from his delivery. Its this combination of ingredients that writes a recipe for getting your heart rate to full capacity, raising your musical body temperature, and bringing out the desire to dance until you drop.

I think that any musicians out there in Evrims style of music who are trying to get heard should pay a visit to his link below and see how he does it. And while you are there tell him that St. Croix Music Magazine sent you. In the mean time Im going to be shouting his name to our major label contacts.
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