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From Denmark: A friend in London

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JJ Rocks Article # 212: From Denmark: A friend in London

Rhythmically diverse grooves underline simplicity as it threads its way through masterful arrangements. Thats one way to describe at least part of the music that radiates from this band that hails from Copenhagen, Denmark called A Friend in London. Tightness, clarity, and impact are all understatements. They are at a point that I call lateral moves only. Thats the level where all musical polish and virtuosity peaks and you can only make a lateral move towards defining your own direction. And its obvious that this fine group of musicians know where they are going.

We hear many bands in this genre, but only that few shine as bright as A Friend in London. Their sound is raw and edgy on one side, and smooth, tasty, and melodic on the other. This makes the perfect recipe for a crossover of listeners that range everywhere from Punk to Pop. But my favorite thing about their music is the fact that every song has a slightly different musical color that keeps me from having to skip over tracks. And with as many bands as Dorothy and I listen to, thats a rarity and well worth our time.

We want to welcome Tim Schou, Sebastian Vinther, Aske Damm Bramming, and Esben Suane to our fine family of independent musicians. They are now among some of the finest musicians in the independent music scene and will always live on our pages and keep us going.
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Here is a link to their music: