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From California, USA: ONOFFON

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JJ Rocks Article # 213: From California, USA: ONOFFON

Fusing and balancing the elements of jazz, funk, and world music is not an easy task. But this great band from Studio City, California called ONOFFON has definitely exceeded the requirements. Im a huge fan of progressive jazz (the melodic kind) so sometimes I have to remind myself to be fair to all concerned when Im writing a review, and not only lean towards my favorite styles. Also, I have to tell myself to slow down when Im typing so I dont overuse my adjectives when writing about a genre that I love. But if I had to sum it all up, I would just say that these guys are incredible. But Im sure that you would at least want a description of their work, so Ill try not to over do it.

Each song has its own character. Ill just start with my first impressions. At the beginning I got the sense of a game of tag between exchanging sonic textures and melodic inventions that were shared by the bass and guitar. Its kind of like they were two kids on a hike through musical woods and were happily exchanging improvisational ideas. The next thing I know, a silky saxophone enters my ears that seems to find its home somewhere between the influences of Bela Fleck and Paul Desmond. Thats when simple interplay became compositional journeys. And when you add in other sonic elements from the instrumental and vocal spectrum of virtuosity, their whole package fills up with creative inspirations and tonal bliss. Its an independent progressive jazz lovers dream.

With Don Lake on guitar and vocals, Von Babasin on basses and vocals, Dave Goode on drums, percussion, and Zen drum, Glenn Garrett on saxes and flutes, Marcus Duke on Piano and other keys, And Carol, Lisa, and Stacy on smooth background vocals, ONOFFON is a step above the rest. So please stop by their link below and get ready to replay their tracks over and over again. Thats how good they are.

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Here is a link to their music: