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From Sweden: Stefan Lindgren

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JJ Rocks Article # 214: From Sweden: Stefan Lindgren

Every once in a while we find a musical artist that has us asking ourselves Are you sure this guy isnt already on the radio? Since our golden rule is to only cover independent musicians, (in our Spotlight Zone column) we have to be careful not to write about someone that needs no help from us. This kind of thing can happen to someone that only focuses on the up and coming, not the already well established. So when we heard Stefan Lindgren from Gothenburg Sweden, Dorothy immediately handed me a pen and said Write down this guys name! If he isnt already famous, he will be.

It actually took me awhile to check out the structure of his songs because the vocals had all my attention. And with a display of perfectly executed interval jumps, heartfelt emotions, tonal rainbows, and an obvious mastery of vocal jazz, Stefan Lindgren doesnt have to market himself like some guy on the corner selling a fake Rolex. His talents have enough polish to enable him to ride on the wave of artistic appreciation that never ends as long as the word quality is in the dictionary.

On the compositional side Stefan is a real explorer while still being able to stay inside the ring. His songs show a high level of creativeness and musical knowledge. And the great players that he chooses like Thomas Johansson on guitar, and Leif Johansson on bass contribute much to his overall sound which includes the smoothest jazz ballads to the funkiest grooves.

I get the feeling that Stefan is trying to balance the artistic with the melodic as a songwriter. Obviously thats not a new idea. But doing it in a way that grabs both sides of the musical coin in perfect balance definitely demands respect. Let me just say that Stefan Lindgren is top shelf. This is as good as it gets without being a household name.

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