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From California,USA: Jamie Lynn Noon

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JJ Rocks Article # 218:
From St. Croix Music Magazine, Issue # 43, April, 2010
Innocence meets conviction as sweet musical tones radiate from this young vocalist and songwriter from California's San Francisco bay area. Her name is Jamie Lynn Noon and she is shining a bright light on our Spotlight Zone column this month. Jamie is doing an incredible job with marketing herself in the independent music scene. And its obvious why. Her gentle, artistic, and direct approach to her compositions and her captivating voice are like magnets to the ears of anyone that listens. "A moment to break" from her new EP is my personal favorite.

And as we all know, in todays music, individuality carries a torch just as bright as a good hook and a great voice. Jamie Lynn Noon has the fuel for all of the above. There is sincerity in her music that has a certain human element that creates earthy, yet adventurous moods in her songs. Also her heart felt lyrics along with great arrangements touch just the right spot in not only your emotions, but also your intellect. With talent and beauty perfectly in balance, Jamie has found her own direction that defines the musical independence that we all strive for. And in my opinion, that is finding our true selves within the music that we create.

Please welcome Jamie Lynn Noon to our family of independent musicians from around the world by visiting her link below. Just tell her that St. Croix Music Magazine sent you. A star on the rise is just a click away.
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