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From New Jersey, USA: Paul Street

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JJ Rocks Article # 220: From New Jersey, USA: Paul Street

This is probably the most to the point intro that I have ever written for this magazine. If you love Country music, then you will love Paul Street! This New Jersey country boy has all the ingredients that it takes to be well known in his genre. So why dont you know his name? Maybe the reason that his picture is not plastered on buses and billboards is because there is a constant wave of want to be Country stars diluting the internet. I would bet my bottom dollar that if these were the days when talent scouts still actually traveled around the states looking for talent, Paul Street would have already been a household name. But that doesnt mean that he wont be.

The first thing that grabbed me was Pauls voice. His pitch not only has bulls eye accuracy, but his tone is down home, authentic, and he puts it all right in your lap. And as far as compositions are concerned, they range everywhere from humorous to heartfelt with giant hooks. His arrangements show diversity and class while still staying loyal to the roots of Country music. But for me as a musician, what I respect the most is the aura of experience that radiates from his songs. And speaking of songs, my favorite on his site is Tell her lies. I can relate to that from both sides of the fence.

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Here is the link to his music: