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From Italy: Wishin Cap

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JJ Rocks Article # 221: From Italy: Wishin Cap

This fine Group of musicians from Imola, Italy has no limitations when it comes to musically expressing themselves. Groundbreaking is an understatement as it was with other adventurous ensembles before them like Frank Zappa, Gong, Brand X, and Gentle Giant. And although we usually dont make comparisons to other bands, we just want to give you an idea of what the band Wishin Cap has in store for you.

Wishin Cap has boiled down a rainbow of sonic textures and musical influences to create progressives madness and alternative mayhem that surpassed the mere artistic. Any accomplished musician would have a real blast listening to these guys! They have more twists and turns than a rollercoaster and are just as much fun. And their multi layered dimensional phrasing along with their close attention to tonal details will be ear candy for those who are coinsures of real musical art. My favorite song from Wishin Cap is Feed for Fun. You can check it out when you visit them at the link below.

So lets welcome Corvo on bass, Manuel on vocals, Ritchie on guitars, Lovy on keys, and Andrew on drums to our independent family of international musicians. Peace from paradise.

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Here is a link to their music being recorded in the studio: