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From Indianapolis, IN, USA The Holland Account

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JJ Rocks article # 279: From Indianapolis, IN, USA: The Holland Account

The Holland account is a great example of powerhouse classic rock blended with flavors of modern day alternative delivered in an explosive package of high energy, solid musicianship, and compositional exploration. They stand out on our charts like a pit bull in a rock n roll cockfight that grabs your ears and wont let go. That my friends is a sign of true determination to stand their ground and stay on course towards being an every day event that will blast out of your speakers and get you off of your seat. They knew what sound they were looking for, and its obvious that they found it. Now I hope this article helps you find them.

Hailing from Indianapolis, IN, USA this fine group of polished players are Nick Raney on vocals, Gumby on guitar, Brandon Morgan on guitar, Dan Minnericks on bass, and Ryan Cox on drums. Each one of these outstanding musicians are like the ingredients of a very tasteful musical recipe that is served best hot and sweaty with an ice cold drink on the side. And with songs like March of the Lost and Rider leading the way, The Holland Account has definitely found their direction in todays musical mayhem. This band is another fine example of why we call our site The Spotlight Zone and we are proud to have them as members.

If I were to forget the word genre for a moment, it would be replaced by quality when it comes to music from The Holland Account. So no matter what style of music you love, in my opinion most musicians on this site would not even hesitate to replay their songs and add them to their playlist. Its only a matter of listening. So please stop by their profile and show some love for a band that really deserves to be on page one with the best of the best.
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