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From St. Croix, Virgins Isands: Will Hart

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JJ Rocks Article # 222:
From St. Croix Music Magazine, Issue # 43, April, 2010
Pedal steel and Dobro players are very rare in St. Croix, so to have the privilege of hearing and playing with someone who is great at both of these instruments, and lives on the same tiny island as me is a real honor. And another unique fact is that we are from the same area (Baltimore) but never knew each other until we met and played together here in paradise.

Will Hart is a very soft spoken gentleman who is liked by everyone and well respected in our musical community. He takes two instruments that are mostly known in the country genre and adapts them to any kind of music that comes his way. His playful fills are always tastefully placed within the tunes, and his solos are phrased in a way that you would think that he was writing his own song within a song. The word melodic is an understatement when it comes to Will Harts musicianship.

Whether its adding a crying Nashville style pedal steel, or bringing out the bluesy side of a song on his Dobro, Wills chops are always dressed for the occasion. And with his pleasant personality, he is always a pleasure to play and rehearse with. One thing is for sure. If I ever put together a totally original country band that I want to shop to my connections in the record industry, I want Will Hart to be in it.

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