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From Pennsylvania, USA: The Jellybricks

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JJ Rocks Article # 225: From Pennsylvania, USA: The Jellybricks

Precise execution, cool compositions, and true representation of an ever growing genre are the first things that come to mind when I hear the Jellybricks from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. As the Indie/pop style of music keeps getting thinned out its hard to find real originality within its boundaries. But the Jellybricks are adventurous and creative in all aspects of their songs that range from humorous and witty to hard, hitting and rock solid.

Raw and not over colored with tons of effects, the Jellybricks music has shots of pop ringing throughout their compositions that never seem to overpower their originality or simplicity. And the hooks are pleasantly carried in light vocal harmonies that are not overbearing or mellow dramatic. Everything seems to be in balance here. This band should gain the respect of any accomplished musical ears, or just someone who wants to hear music that feels good and is party worthy. Either way, the Jellybricks are not just another Indie/pop band trying to make you their friend on a website. They are the real deal in their genre and should be in your CD collection.

Please welcome Larry Kennedy on guitar and vocals, Garrick Chow on bass and vocals, Bryce Conner on guitar and vocals, and Tom Kristich on drums, percussion, and vocals to our family of independent musicians worldwide. Rock music with a pop flavor is here to stay as long as bands like the Jellybricks keep it going.
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