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From Australia: Jupiter menace

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JJ Rocks Article # 226: From Australia: Jupiter menace

Rock n Roll has a whole new life within the talent of four young lads from down under. And the fact that their ages range from 16 to 20  years old (when this review was written) keeps me spellbound as I hold on to my chair while listening to them nail it to the wall. Saying that this band has the sound of a very experienced rock band would be a total understatement. Saying that this band has the greatest independent rock vocalist that we have ever heard would be just part of the picture. So let me just say that Jupiter Menace from Australia is the best damn classic rock band that I have ever had the opportunity to write about.

Even though some of their influences are obvious, its still easy to sense their creative explorations within grooves, melodies, catchy hooks, and powerful arrangements. But Jupiter Menace goes beyond the limits of your average great band. They seem to be constantly on the move when it comes to new ideas, better delivery, and having their music wind up in your collection. I can understand that. If I had a band as good as Jupiter Menace I would never stop blowing my horn about it.

So hey, Zac, Ben, Mitch and Grimas! Welcome to our family of independent musicians! Just try to remember us down here on this tiny island in the Caribbean when you guys are on top. And even though Im hoping that you like this short article, I really dont think that it could top the pleasure I had writing it. So just keep up what you are doing and your place in rock history will be waiting.
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