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From Massachusetts, USA: Ryan Sanarich

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JJ Rocks Article # 227: From Massachusetts, USA: Ryan Sanarich

Exceptional phrasing and emotional tonalities flow from the jazz saxophone of Ryan Saranich from Boston Massachusetts. And as he melodically floats through multi dimensional arrangements that display internationally flavored rhythms, his music is his ship, and he is the captain. In fact, other than his band Pocket Language that he gigs with, Ryan plays all the instruments on many of his recordings.

The first thing that grabbed me about Ryans music was his application of flowing melodic content over top of gut wrenching grooves. And there are just enough complexities within the structures to keep me replaying the tune, but not so much to loose my attention. Everything is extremely clean and precise and brings out the best from my sound system. I love to try to focus on only one instrument throughout a whole piece and then replay the tune and do the same thing again with a different instrument. Thats one of my little musical games that I reserve for artistic music that really gets my attention. And if this genre is where your heart lies, then Ryan Saranich Defines the true meaning of jazz.

Please welcome Ryan to our international family of independent musicians by visiting his site at the link below. There you can read his bio and learn more about this multi talented musician.
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