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From New York, USA: Alex Blake

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JJ Rocks Article # 231: From New York, USA: Alex Blake

Alex Blake from New York gives to the bass what Jean Krupa gave to the drums. His sense of rhythm reaches way down in your gut while his melodic creations tap into your intellect and sense of adventurism. And may I add that he reminds me of one of my favorite bassist, Slam Stewart. What Slam did with a bow, Alex Blake does with his hands. Most bass solos require at least a tap on the high hat in order for the audience to get into the feel. But this is not so with Alex. His playing incorporates the many grooves of the drums while still delivering improvisational bass lines that rival any of the great jazz players.

Alex also plays with some great musicians in his band. With Alex Blake on bass, Ted Cruz on keyboards, Chris Hunter on sax, Victor Jones on drums, and Neil Clark on percussion, this great bassist has all his grounds covered. Please click on the link below to say hi the Alex and his wonderful band.
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