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From Köln, DE: Longing for Tomorrow

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JJ Rocks Article # 232: From Köln, DE: Longing for Tomorrow

Right now as I write this article Im listening to a band from Köln, DE: Longing for Tomorrow  called Longing for Tomorrow. This band combines powerful alternative rock with a punk edge. If you can imagine Green Day mixing it up with The Cars and singing in German then you at least have a small idea what these guys sounds like. Just saying that they are incredibly tight would be an understatement. Their energy level is as high as any band that I have ever written about and it never drops until a song is over. This is definitely a party band!

Even though their great vocal style in parts is somewhat unique to this genre, and the guitar and bass drive it home with a "nail it to the wall" attitude, I must say that Im am drawn to the great feel and tone of the drummer. His taste in fills and grooves are just what this band needs to keep an audience on their feet. I would love to see this band live. But until then I found a video of their tour of Brazil in 2009 that Im posting at the bottom of the article. They are also touring in Russia this year and I hope to get a video of that to post at a latter time.

Lets all welcome Longing for Tomorrow with David Frings on vocals and guitar, Damian Aldorf on drums, and Samuel Dickmeis on bass to our family of great international independent musical artists.
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Here is a link to their music: