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From California, USA: Jonny Blu

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JJ Rocks Article # 233: From California, USA: Jonny Blu

There are some musical art forms that will never fade away. Of course Rock n Roll is one, Blues and Jazz are others. And one form of jazz that always grabs my cool is the big band/lounge jazz vocalist style. This is something that I grew up with watching on TV shows like The Tonight Show and other variety shows. For awhile I thought that this great genre might in decline, but then singers like Harry Connick Jr. brought it back to life. And now I am a fan of a newer and cooler singer that Im really digging baby! This man is carrying on the torch the was first ignited by vocalist like Frank Sinatra and Dean martin. His name is Jonny Blu and he is the coolest independent male jazz vocalist that I have heard in a long, long time.

Jonny Blu has all the smoothness and vocal articulation of anyone that came before him. And he delivers it all with total style and finesse whether hes in front of a full orchestra or just playing it solo. And I really love his approach to Latin tunes being mixed in with his jazz and blues styles. It brings back memories of Desi Arnaz. And a s a performer, Jonny has all the right moves and class that define his genre. I have posted a Jonny Blu live video below for all you readers that are into the smooth, cool, and artistic side of vocal jazz. You will respect the fact that he is keeping a great American tradition alive and well.

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Here is a link to his music: