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From United Kingdom: Eden James

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JJ Rocks Article # 234: From United Kingdom: Eden James
I always love it when I hear an independent band and I say to myself Maybe I should double check before I write this article. These guys sound like they might already be famous. Thats because I know that if they are not, then I just found a new killer band to feature in our magazine from paradise. And in this case, I just found Eden James from United Kingdom.

Lately, the independent Indie pop market is flooded with bands that sound too much alike. And if they venture too far away from home, then theyre out of their chosen style. But not in this case. Eden James has found a musical balance that keeps him on the cutting edge of his genre. His recipe has all the tastes and musical aromas of classic British rock, intelligent pop arrangements, and a sassy edge that is drenched in lyrical and melodic hooks. And its all delivered in a package made from very cool vocals, great musicianship, and compositional adventurism that kicks ass. A great example of this is the song Hurt Me which is among some other very cool tunes his site.

I have to admit, I dont really know if I should refer to Eden James as a solo performer with a backup band, or as a band that he just happens to front, creates for, and uses his name. Either way, I hear all the music as a group effort and see the band members on the site. So lets all welcome Eden James on vocals, James whitehead on guitar, Eddie Wilson on bass, and Kristian Lousley on drums. As a unit they are producing all the sounds that you will hear. Thats all that matters to me.

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