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From Pennsylvania, USA: Calvin Weston - Big tree

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JJ Rocks Article # 236:
From St. Croix Music Magazine, Issue # 46, July, 2010
Avant-garde jazz lovers rejoice! Calvin Weston is in the house. This very fine drummer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania pulls out all the stops when it comes to his artistic and surreal approach to not only playing the drums, but to all music that he creates and performs. Styles ranging from a funk based groove like We dont know yet, to Cajun with a twist influenced Mississippi spice cake man, to the rhythmic insanity with chants in My, my, my Calvin Weston is constantly displaying musical adventurism.

As a drummer Calvin has all the chops that any drummer could ever wish for. And when you add extreme emotion and creativity, you come up with a musician who is not only well rounded, but seems to be always reaching for something new and very different that breaks the bonds of everyday commercial blandness. And for this my hat comes off in respect. He is a true musical explorer.

Calvin Weston and his band Big Tree features Jeff Monjack on guitar, Tom Spiker on bass, Frosty Spiker on percussions, Elliot Levin on sax, Ino on sax, and Tony Cosby on percussions, and Calvin Weston on drums. Lets all welcome them to our worldwide family of independent musicians by visiting them at the link below. The be prepared for a unique musical experience.
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