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From Australia: Tenpenny Joke

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JJ Rocks Article # 237: From Melbourne, Victoria  Australia: Tenpenny Joke

Many flavors of musical character ranging from subtle emotions to powerhouse drive flow from this very creative alternative rock band from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia called Tenpenny Joke. Their arrangements are very adventurous, multi dimensional, and consist of an array sonic and tonal bliss. From solid kicking songs like Sirens, and Black Satellite (my favorite) to the world textures of She, Tenpenny Joke seems to be relentless when it come to delivering an earful of musical explorations. Their compositional skills shine with lyrics that cover a wide range of topics and emotions that go hand in hand with the musical structure and harmonic changes. Not to mention some very, very cool grooves. They definitely put a lot of time into this project and it shows. There is no reason that this great band should not be a household name one day. It's only a matter of time.

Great musicianship, vocals, and superb arrangements weave tonal tapestries as Anthony Casey on lead vocals, Brian Rimmer, on lead guitar and vocals, Pete Coon on guitar, Tim Kill on bass, and Boz on drums blast from my speakers and fill the room. And I am proud to have them in our international family of independent musicians. Please visit them at their link below and say hi!
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