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From Washington, USA: Darrius

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JJ Rocks Article # 238:
From St. Croix Music Magazine, Issue # 46, July, 2010
Soulful urban musical expressions wrapped up in a silky smooth voice that communicates and expresses the feelings of everyday people. That is just one definition of Darrius from Seattle Washington. He has all the right ingredients for a recipe that creates the perfect atmosphere for the adult contemporary R+B lover that is in need of a cool chill out after a long hard day. Mood is the key word here, and Darrius captures the ears of those searching for something that is musically down to earth with a touch of class.

His voice and compositional skills are at a level that not only pamper those who seek the finest quality in his genre, but also demands total respect from any professional in the music field. As far as the world of commercialism, he is a star waiting to shine. But even if he is never picked up by the fast lane of fame, with his talent he will still carve his name in stone with anyone that happens to experience his talents.

Please welcome Darrius to our independent world of musical artist by visiting his site at the link below. Then get ready to lay back and relax to the real deal in the world of smooth R+B.
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