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From Senegal: Coumba Gawlo

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JJ Rocks Article # 239: From Senegal: Coumba Gawlo

One of the things I enjoy most about writing these reviews  is discovering independent artist from places on our planet that I never even knew about. And then listening as they express themselves in a way that carries on the traditional musical flavors and textures of their countries. So I’m very proud to bring to you Coumba Gawlo from Dakar, Senegal in Africa.

Her music is a cross between traditional African music and modern pop, but leaning more towards the sounds of her birthplace. I find her approach very intriguing and definitely adventurous while still maintaining reflections of her roots. And with her great vocal tone and articulation, this beautiful African women will capture you the moment you click on her video. Total musical independence combined with creativity and authenticity are just a few of the elements that radiate From Coumba Gawlo. Her Afro grooves go right to the bone and her sense of melodic interplay between her voice and the backing rhythms are captivating.

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