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From Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio: The Strange Familiar

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JJ Rocks Article # 241:From Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio:
 The Strange Familiar

The Strange Familiar from Ohio has all the musical and lyrical ingredients that it takes to connect with ears that range from the emotionally dependent to intellectually independent. Its a one on one between the band and a personal experience with each listener that takes you away from feeling like just part of the modern day candy coated pop crowd. But now that I think of it, thats what people used to think when they discovered groups like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. It was like they were your own personal bands and were confined to only you and your record collection. Thats the impression that Strange Familiar makes on me. Even though its obvious that they are going to be very public in the near future, I think that many listeners will claim them for their own.

Ok, just so I can get around saying things like: this band is incredible, they are getting a lot of attention from being heard on various international venues, they knocked out the crowd on a major TV talent show, there are very adventurous melodically, harmonically, lyrically, and their incredible lead singer has all the chops, originality, and looks of the greatest female vocalist in history, Ill just cut it short and introduce you to the band.

Please welcome one of the finest original musical groups that has ever graced the pages of our website. The Strange Familiar consist of Kira Leyden on vocals and incredible beauty, Jeff Andrea on guitar, Frank Freeman on bass, and Nicholas Sainato on Drums.

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