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From Italy: Salvatore Cirillo and Adele Capacchione

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JJ Rocks Article # 242: From Italy: Salvatore Cirillo and Adele Capacchione
Salvatore Cirillo and Adele Capacchione are exceptional jazz artists from Caserta Italy, and I couldnt write an article about just one of them without mentioning the other. From the music that I heard they both seem to go together like two peas in a jazz pod. And even though they each have different websites, the music on both sites is the same. In their case the term musically inseparable is an understatement.

First let me say that Salvatore Cirillo has as much melodic, rhythmic, and compositional adventurism as Dave Brubeck, who as many of our readers know is one of my heroes. This Italian piano master blends many styles of jazz with emotional and intellectual interludes that set you back in your chair to be overcome by musical moods of many colors. And while being in total command of his playing, he displays more of a heartfelt presence than just a display of technical achievements. I feel that he is an exceptional musician and should be recognized by the entire world.

Adele Capacchione on the other hand is a jazz vocalist with exceptional pitch and melodic precision. Sometimes I find myself listening very closely just to hear when she enters a song because she blends so well with Salvatores harmonic and melodic statements. And in other parts of their tunes she stands out like an angel of song taking command with a magnetic pull on my heart strings. And even though I love all the pieces that I have heard so far on their sites, I guess my favorite is when they blend Blue Rondo ala Turk and Donna Lee together with an arrangement that is absolutely flawless. These tunes without Adeles voice would not have the same effect, texture, flavor, and originality. But together they are definitely a musical marriage made in jazz heaven.

Please visit them at both of their profile below to say hi and welcome them to our family of independent musicians worldwide. Then just sit back and let their musical magic do the rest.
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