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From Tennessee, USA: Wild Honey

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JJ Rocks Article # 243:
From St. Croix Music Magazine, Issue # 47, Augusy, 2010
This young country duo that makes their home in Nashville is a shining example of the kind of quality and originality that Music
City is known for. Im guessing that they are right on the edge of being discovered. Thats easy for me to say, because it becomes obvious after you hear Wild Honey and realize that they are as good as it gets. After that its just a matter of direction. And these lovely young ladies are definitely in the right lane.

Ruth and Vic display a strong presence of lyrical dominance in their music that places you in the middle of each of the scenes that they are singing about. And these artistic, melodic, and harmonic pictures are painted with the colors of every day life as they share lead rolls within musical bliss. They are also on the very high end of vocal accomplishments, musical composition, production, musicianship, and arranging. This is great songwriting combined with polished performance that creates just the right recipe for making a connection with every day people. And since that includes me, I have to say that I love their song This is what love looks like. But of course, all their songs are great or I wouldnt be blowing my horn so loud.
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