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From London: Katy and the Elders

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JJ Rocks Article # 244: From London: Katy and the Elders

Yes, these fine young musical artists from London are definitely a product of their musical influences. But thats just the tip of the iceberg. At thirteen years old, Katy (the lead singer) has a maturity and conviction in her voice/compositions that rival any chart topper at the time of this article. Her songs reflect the moods and thoughts of a girl her age, but at the same time they display the attitude and conviction of someone much older.

Katy and her band also have an obvious attraction to reggae and it shows up as tasty grooves in some of their tunes. But the rhythmic concepts are just templates for the power of Katy's voice, lyrics, and melodies. Every song has a statement, and she delivers each one with an emotion that not many young singers can express. And as far as her vocal integrity, she is one of the few musical artist on this site that does not depend on heavy vocal enhancements in the studio. When you listen to her sing, its almost like she is sitting right next to you. This is one musical experience that you shouldnt pass up.

So Dorothy and I are proud to welcome Katy and her band Katy and the Elders to our family of international independent musicians. Please check out the link below to hear these very cutting edge musical artists.
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Here is the link to her music: