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From Sweden: Ji Nilsson

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JJ Rocks Article # 245: From Sweden: Ji Nilsson

Ji Nilsson is a great vocalist and wonderful composer from Stockholm, Sweden that has a voice that is as good as it gets. Her pitch is incredibly accurate and she has the tone of an angel. Not to mention the beauty. And sometimes she sings in a style that reminds me of sound tracks from classic movies, and at other times she sounds right from the modern day hit parade. Its hard for me to really describe her music because I am so overcome by how good she sings. The bottom line is that Ji Nilsson is now one of my favorite vocalists that I have ever written about. One day I hope to have her CD in my collection.

Most of the songs that I heard are just Ji and a piano player with very few overdubs from other instruments. This gives her sound an instrumental simplicity that is balanced with very articulate vocal performances. Each one of her tracks explores different moods and textures. Some may sound retro in musical flavor like Secret weapon (which I love), while others sound modern and alternative as with The one you love, a song that could fit right into todays music marketplace. But if you were to ask me where Ji Nilssons music should be placed, I would have to say in films. I can imagine one of her songs in an animated Disney movie or even a TV show. Her lyrics are very picturesque and her singing should attract cinematic producers.

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