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From Belgium: Francis Vanheluwe

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JJ Rocks Article # 246: From Belgium: Francis Vanheluwe

The guitar wears many faces in todays musical society. Some are screaming with anger as they break the boundaries of intonation while dive bombing into insanity. Others are tapping into your intellectual side as they take you on the outskirts of harmonic jazz adventurism. Then there are the guitars commanded by musicians dedicated to transferring true emotion, melodic journeys, harmonic exploration, and technical dexterity. Francis Vangheluwe from Belgium is one of these players and Im very happy to write about him.

I guess its all about tone, mood, and chops. Thats where it starts for me as I listen to the tracks played and composed by this amazing guitarist. My favorite is called Water circle because of its intervals,  explorations, and unexpected moves. Francis has a way of pulling on your musical heartstrings and intellect at the same time. And with his dedication to the finest elements of the acoustic guitar comes a captivation that keeps you holding on until the end of each song. His music is a must have for your CD collection.

Lets all welcome Francis Vangheluwe to our ever growing family of independent musicians worldwide. Please take a moment to check him out at the link below. Then get out your guitar and dream.
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You can hear Francis at this link: