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Musically Speaking: Critiquing Music

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JJ Rocks Article # 247:  Critiquing Music

Everyone has their own personal taste in music, and the right to like or dislike any part of it. But personal preferences and knowledgeable critiquing are two separate things. I might not like the design of a building, but there is no way that I would make comments on its construction unless I was a contractor. I might be in love with the lines on a sailboat, but I wouldnt say it was a great vessel unless I had already sailed her. I think you get my drift. So why is it when it comes to music, everyone is an expert? I know that I have written about this subject in the past, but sometimes there are themes that I want to review because of their importance.

This concept seems to be an eternal habit within the music listening community, even though it gets under the skin of many professional level musicians. My guess is that the general public thinks that just because they have a CD collection and listen intensely to their favorite tunes, they have the right to cast opinions on the construction, composition, and performance of any song that they hear. I am amazed that people cant tell the difference between personal opinions based solely on feelings, and criticism that is a unique product of knowledge and experience. But I guess its easier to comment on something that is part of everyday life than it is to cast opinions on something that needs a certain degree of knowledge.

So to all the over opinionated listeners in the audiences, pretend and want to be musicians, and kids putting tabs and imitating Rock n' Roll licks before their own creativity and self expression, this article is dedicated to you. Without you real musicians just might loose their sense of humor.
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