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From New York, USA: Steve Mansfield

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JJ Rocks Article # 249: From New York, USA: Steve Mansfield

From St. Croix Musix Magazine, Issue # 50, November, 2010
I have always loved a drummer that plays with a great combination of styles and techniques. Its that well rounded display of expertise that always gets my attention and respect. And Steve Mansfield from White Plains, New York has all the right ingredients to play anything that comes his way. To a real player, chops are one thing, but having the ability to bring out the finest tones from your instrument is one of the real signs of a true professional. With that said, I want to move on to styles or genres as they call it in a musical world that has become diluted every day.

As I listened to Steve play, I get the sense of total adaptability in any musical situation. Each tune ventured into a different genre that seemed to span the globe. I really liked "Ze Oh Wa"with its Afro influenced groove and arrangements. And also enjoyed "Lemonade" with the cool female vocals Rhei C. Actually, as a musician, I liked everything he played. But for now, as a writer, Im only going to choose those two songs, or else this article will wind up being too long. I tend to go on and on when I find a true master of his craft.

By reading the itinerary of his kit, its seems like hes been through every possible combination of drums and cymbals on the market until he found just the set up that suits him. The word perfectionist is an understatement. So after mentioning chops and tone, its time for my favorite subject, grooves!

Steve Mansfield plays with such feel and emotion that I would bet that he could make any style (even the ones that I havent heard him play yet) groove you right against the wall. Either way, this bad on the skins drummer (as they would call him in the 40s) is worth every moment of your listening time. And if you are a student drummer, you should contact him for either lessons, or just to say man, youre great!

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