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From Houston Texas: Melodies Soul Stories

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JJ Rocks article # 280: From Houston, Texas USA: Melodies Soul Stories

This is where Soul and R+B dance with an Alternative edge. Its a sound that is defined by smooth, emotional, and articulate vocals delivered in a hard driving Funk Rock package. And that is just a short description of only one of the songs from Melodies Soul Stories from Houston Texas, USA.

I was first taken in by a song that this lovely lady (also know as Melany Scroggins) posted on our site in two genres called Control Freak. One version was posted in Neo- Soul, and the other in Alternative. This impressed me very much because its hard enough to get recognition in one genre, but she did it in two genres with the same song! And of course being kind of a Rocker myself, I like the gritty Funk guitars in the Alternative version. But other members of my staff were into her Neo-Soul take on this very cool original song. This multi genre song is a first for a Spotlight Zone article and we are proud to feature her.

Everything from her great singing, very cool compositions, high level musicians, professional productions, and down to earth lyrics all contribute to her musical recipe that has the attention of many of our members and staff. Melany and her Melodies Soul Stories have a way of jumping out of your speakers and grabbing you in a powerful hold that wont let you go until her songs are finished. And even after that it makes most listeners go for the replay button. Especially when they realize that the other songs she posted also relate many moods and musical experiences that display her versatility.

Please take a moment to go to her profile page to listen to her music and show some love. Then you will realize once again the level of quality that it takes to get an article written about you on this site. There are many more articles to come from our artists, but today its time for Melodies Soul Stories. And I know that most of you will agree.

You can visit her profile at this link:

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