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From St. George, Utah: Mandee and the ABC Girls

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JJ Rocks article # 281: From St. George Utah: Mandee and the ABC Girls

Every once in a while some very young musicians will step forward and grab the attention of everyone. Not because of their age, but because of their talent, compositional skills, and drive. And these beautiful young ladies from St. George, Utah called Mandee and the ABC Girls are really making some huge musical waves here on The Spotlight Zone with our members and our staff.

These kids not only display a huge amount of talent with their singing and songwriting, they also show true dedication, faith, and love for their religion. They have been blessed with a fresh, very energetic, and multi genre approach to our Christian charts. And other members of our site agree that Mandee and the ABC Girls are truly great. And I must say that Dorothy and I feel the same love for their music!

Along with listening to their wonderful heartfelt songs, another way to see how these fine young musicians are growing into excellence and how much they love music is to check out their videos. Im sure that many of you have received a letter from them because they love leaving compliments and getting comments on their music. So please stop by and show your love for 12 year old Mandee, 9 year old Aubree, 8 year old Brittnee, and 7 year old Christee. With Mandee and the ABC Girls love and energy for music I know that they must be destined to be a household name in Christian music one day. And then you can say that you were one of their friends when they were just kids. I think that would be wonderful for them and memorable for all of us.

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You can show your love for these wonderful children at this link to their profile here on The Spotlight Zone: