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From Memphis, Tennessee: Blackberry Wednesday

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JJ Rocks article # 282: From Memphis Tennessee:
Blackberry Wednesday

Theres a group of heavy hitting rockers out of Memphis Tennessee called Blackberry Wednesday that has been making some waves in the Rock genre here on The Spotlight Zone! And as most of you already know, they really know how to Rock!

This very tight and adventurous group of fine young musicians displays a formula that combines the essence of blow you away solid performance, inventive arrangements, colorful tonal textures, and a respect for the vocal styling of some of their major label heroes. No fancy guitar solos needed here. Their musical package is already full of all the elements needed to connect with the listeners that love their sound. And that is a highly energetic groove based powerful approach to their compositions along with very precise instrumentation and vocals, and a powerful blend of their creative abilities and influences.

Im not going to do a song by song review because this is just a short article based my staff and I listening to the great Rock band Blackberry Wednesday (although I must admit my favorite song of theirs is Hey I). But what I will write is my recommendation for this excellent group from one of my favorite cities in the world. They are definitely the kind of band that you want to crank up on your sound system because they will nail you to the wall! And when you are back on your feet, you will most likely ask yourself Why havent I heard of this band before?

So please take a few moments to visit them on our site and show some love! Then ask where you can buy their music for your collection of one of the coolest up and coming Rock bands out there!
You can listen to Blackberry Wednesday at this link:

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