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From Los Angeles: Ambyr Effect

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JJ Rocks article # 283: From Los Angeles, CA: Ambyr Effect


My heart is always uplifted when I hear a band that treats music as a true art form and not just a means for possible commercial success. And at the same time view musical quality as hard work, breaking new ground, having very polished chops, and making a true personal statement within a sonic palette of many colors. But finding music that fits that description comes along very seldom. So please sit back in your seats and get ready for this very cool band from Los Angeles called Ambyr Effect. They have definitely found themselves within this ever growing musical universe.

When I first heard their song Promises I was pleasantly pulled into a world of dramatic interludes powerfully woven together by top notch musicianship and compositional excellence. Even though the main hook was very memorable, the song was wrapped in darker colors that seemed to be exploring the theatrical and film genres. The mix between these two elements in their overall sound is most intriguing. Especially when you add the fact that they use a real string orchestra in all their work.

As I listened through their song collection on The Spotlight Zone the music swayed me to a slightly darker side with the tune Darkness and its Gothic and Metal overtones combined with heartfelt lyrics. Then I went onto Killing Me and I was very surprised at their sense of having a finger on the pulse of the everyday listener and common heartaches while still nailing you to a Rock wall. Everything performed and created by Ambyr Effect has a creativeness and professionalism that even the most accomplished musicians will respect.

The elements are very clear when it comes to Ambyr Effect. With Ambyr on vocals, Bryan Blumer on guitar, Dennon Dearman on bass, and Jason Jacobs playing drums they are a collection of great musical collaborations, high level vocals and lyrics, powerful delivery, and an intense approach to this world we call music. Bottom line: Ambyr Effect is a great band with their special own recipe. How can you ask for more than that? 

 JJ Rocks - The Spotlight Zone

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